International Conference in Zagreb May 23 - 26, 2018


We (Hanna ja Hilkka) are presenting our research results "SME's quality awareness and management practices and potentials" in 9th International Conference " An Enterprise Odyssey: Managing Change to Achieve Quality Development" organized by University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics & Business.  

Quality management is a crosscutting theme for companies and industries and their ability to generate benefit for the customers is the foundation for their competitiveness. It requires that company is able to renew, produce innovations and meet the changing needs of customers quickly enough. These requirements apply also to micro and small-sized companies (in this article referred as SME) and they have to produce services in a homogeneous, faultless and profitable way. This paper will present the results of our research on quality expertise in SMEs and show the challenges they face. We also describe the practices and potentials in SME's quality work and tools.